• Lisa Bacon Photography

Leo and Shae

October 24, 2020

Leo and Shae are so very loving, and were so excited to become husband and wife. These two have the biggest hearts, and their wonderful taste in music did not go unnoticed. The Ft Worth Botanical Gardens is where Leo got down on one knee, so the Gardens were the perfect place to have their Ceremony. The beauty of this entire Wedding stands out, from the picturesque backgrounds to the smallest of details. However, this bride wearing that dress stole the spotlight. She was stunning! Following the ceremony, these guys opened their home to their friends and family for a lovely, intimate party to celebrate the day. Everyone had a great time under the warm glow of string lights, lanterns, and candles. It is obvious that Shae and Leo put much thought and care into their Wedding Day, and there is no doubt they will nurture their marriage in the same way. It was an honor to be a part of their lives on this blessed day.


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